About Us

Education is not what it used to be. Concord Academy embraces new techniques, research based methods, integration of subject matter and differentiation to meet each students' needs. Since our very first year, our fine arts program has been the life of our instructional plan, with traditional academics as its backbone. With changing state and federal requirements Concord has searched for opportunities to improve our program while maintaining our original goals.

In 2013 we have found the STEAM approach to education to be an excellent addition to a program that has proven successful, and a great way to prepare our students for success in an ever changing world.students in 4th grade science lab STEAM is an acronym for Science and Technology interpreted through Engineering and the Arts based on the foundations of Mathematics. This educational framework is for all disciplines and types of learners with the goal of being more engaging and naturally successful for all.

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Concord Academy-Petoskey earned the School of Excellence distinction in 2011. Concord is the ninth public School of Excellence in the state of Michigan and one of two K-12 Schools of Excellence in the state.

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