FAQ's for Online Learning:

Q - I have chosen to keep my student at home for safety reasons. How do they school online? 

A - Instructions on logging into Canvas were sent to each student email account as well as the parent email address at the beginning of the year or upon enrolling. The school has purchased Chromebooks for every student, but if a student has their own device at home (not shared) they are welcome to use that. Tablets are not recommended. 

Q - As a parent I am not familiar with Canvas. How will I know what to do?

A - For students who are working from home for the first time instructions are emailed and support is provided by teachers and by Mrs. Sandison to get all students started and familiar with the platform. For students that have been working Face-to-Face this school year, they have been using Canvas since our first week of school. They are familiar with the platform. 

Q - I am not a teacher. My child struggles with math. How do I teach them concepts that I may not understand?

A - When school is open for Face-to-Face learning, each teacher includes recorded or linked instructional videos in Canvas or invites students to a Zoom meeting for lessons. Teachers also have "office hours" daily from 2:15-3:30pm to give extra support. While parents are ALWAYS welcome to contact teachers, we recommend having the STUDENT ask the questions, and get clarification. By having this direct contact with the student, the teacher can "check for understanding" which is an important part of learning. This also helps students learn to advocate for themselves, which is an important life skill. Please let our teachers help your child tackle the tough math questions (or any other subject) so you don't have to. 

       When school is not open for Face-to-Face learning (i.e. a mandate from the state or district for students to school at home) our teachers will follow the regular daily class schedule. Students should email their questions, message in Canvas, OR ask during a Zoom session. All teacher/staff emails can be found here


Q - Can my child sleep in and work on their own schedule?

A - If the school is closed to F2F learning because of a shutdown from the state or the district, no. School begins at 8am. Students should check their email, and expect to join a Zoom meeting at 8am. Middle and high school students can expect to join a Zoom meeting at the beginning of each class period. Students will be "schooling" during our regular hours 8am-2:10pm. There will be multiple breaks during the day and time for independent work.

Q - Does this year really count?

A - YES. During the shutdown last March if a student had a passing grade, they kept that grade and would pass the class. If a student did not have a passing grade they had the opportunity to bring their grade up. The work that students completed was considered extra credit and was applied to their final grade for the year. The 2020-21 school year is completely different. With time to prepare we have obtained devices (Chromebooks) for every student and, like many schools, have purchased a license for an online platform and curriculum (Canvas/Accelerate) so education could continue whether students were schooling in the building or schooling from home. A failing grade in a class or multiple classes could hinder them from advancing to the next grade level. For high school students, failing more than one class during their 4 years of high school will put them in jeopardy for not graduating on time.