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Mission Statement

Concord Academy will provide an inspiring and challenging K-12 educational environment conducive to the development of critical and creative thinking through the integration of the fine arts into the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEAM), utilizing project based instruction and multi-age experiences.

Vision Statement

To serve the student and educate the whole child providing academic, cultural, and character education.
To uphold traditional values such as honesty, kindness and respect.
To encourage students to become leaders and creative thinkers.
To value contributions and suggestions of students, remembering that true education is not “pouring in” but bringing forth.
To maintain a positive connection with our community, by both drawing on the valuable resources of our community and contributing harmoniously to our community.

Concord Creed

Concord means peace, harmony. Peace in the world begins with concord in my world and that can only happen as I am honest, unselfish, generous, kind, forgiving, considerate and respectful.

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